Welcome to  DNT GROUP PERFORATION WITHOUT LIMITS. We at DNT GROUP have a continuous desire for improvement and a constant concern for providing more to their customers. We work with one sole objective: that you should continue trusting us for better solution for fabrication , filtrations & Screening , for that we constantly keeping abreast of the latest international requirement in the industry which is an integral part of the DNT GROUP tech spirit , and the knowledge derived from this endeavour is channeled into a steady of innovation that seeks to give its customers the very best in terms of quality service and products.  The cutting-edge technology and the quality the quality products that emerge from it enables DNT GROUP to entrench itself in quality – conscious markets like UK, USA, Canada ,Pakistan and the middle east. The uncompromising focus on quality has been internationally recognized. Broadly The products range includes perforated metals, expanded metals Wire products In sheets, coils and cut to length. Clientele includes Dealers, Distributors, Fabricators, Origional equipment Manufacturers & perforating companies.Say something interesting about your business here. 



Vision Statement

The DNT GROUP vision is to be “The Best Choice” for our customers, shareholder and employees.

This includes being an innovative and reliable solution provider in the perforation industry as well as being recognised as a benchmark for customer service and optimised logistics.

Business mission

The business mission of DNT GROUP is:

To provide perforation solutions and associated services on a global basis, offering best economic value to our customers.


Customer comes first

Our objective is to place the customer first in every aspect of our organisation, an objective we support by constantly reviewing and updating our processes. We endeavor to offer products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. By acting as a partner from the very beginning we aim to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations.
Top business processes

DNT identifies and controls its business processes. Our drive for total quality throughout the business is vital to the future growth, development and success of the company. Our complete business focus on quality is based on the belief that we can only provide continuous satisfaction of our customers’ needs through effective operational systems implemented in a consistent manner, reflecting the needs of both the customer and the business.
Motivated organization

DNT establishes strategies and measurable objectives which are shared through the whole organization. Every level in the organization is involved and motivated in the achievement of the objectives, which are reviewed annually together with the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
In order to maintain and continuously improve the standard, DNT has introduced a unified Quality Management System  following the  ISO 9001:2015 standard.
The QMS is identified as a strategic tool to comply with our business vision, values and policies.
DNT Quality Policy

The objective of DNT’s quality policy is to ensure a uniform quality policy and continuous improvements whenever possible. We will identify and meet our customers’ needs, aim to surpass their expectations and become a business partner through our professionalism, knowledge and experience.